On the tracks of DADA – Creative writing workshop in DADA manner

We will develop, write, perform DADA-istic poems, lyrics, short texts and similar.

To get into the mood, we will work with a couple of writing games, exercises and stimuli, some of them to be found outside in the streets since DADA is a lot about the higgledy-piggledy of the surrounding, the noise, image, and slang mix in a big city.

The Workshop will take about 2 – 2,5 hours and will be held in English, but people of all nationalities and tongues are welcome.

You can write in English, Spanish, German, any other mother tongue or in no language at all, as DADA works – amongst others – with phonemes, sounds and tones.

When: June 26, from 18:00 to 20:00

Fee: 18€ p.p.

Workshop Leader: Claudia Helena Dietrich, is a Graduate Artist in Visual Communication, Author of Travel Books and Lyrics, and a certified Teacher in Poetry.

Since 2016 she conducts Creative Writing Workshops together with writing fellows and on her own.

The idea for the DADA workshop was born after she held a reading of some of her poems and performed a DADA sound poem together with her friend, the musician Ana Bejar from Madrid, at Bartleby’s in March 2017.

You can join in by writing an email to bartlebyberlin@gmail.com