I, PERSON Ellen Duthie


I, PERSON Ellen Duthie


ISBN: 978-84-943167-3-9



Are you absolutely sure you are a person?

How do you know you are not really a robot?

If you had more than one brain, would you be more than one person? 

What exactly is a person? 


I, Person is the second title in the Visual Philosophy for Children series by Wonder Ponder. Half-way between a book and a game, it comes in a box and invites readers aged eight and over (adults too!) to think about personal identity and the difference between a person and a robot in a way that is both serious and seriously fun. Who am I? and What am I?


14 cards with scenes for wondering and pondering
More than 100 carefully worded questions for curious minds
3 blank cards for designing your own scenes
A companion guide for children and adults
Ideas for wonderpondering
I, Person poster

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